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Join IoT Fest Bucharest and awaken the potential of the Internet of Things in Romania!

The IoT Fest Bucharest, which will be on 13 May 2017 in NOD makerspace, is a one-day event organized by the community of IoT creators supported by hub:raum Kraków and Telekom Romania. It brings together IoT companies and startups, universities and students, hardware geeks and every IoT creator to share knowledge, experience and visions about technological and business opportunities of the Internet of Things in Romania.


IoT Fest Bucharest consists of 3 streams:

The main part of the IoT Fest are presentations provided by startups and experts in the field of the Internet of Things. The lectures answer the hard questions that IoT businesses ask every day. The speakers say about difficulties, problems, challenges, successes and failuers in their IoT business and how they dealt with them.

It is a great chance for startups, students and hackerspaces to show their IoT projects and prototypes to wider audience.

Workshops give the possibility to gain some practical knowlegde in the field of the Internet of Things. Turn your visions into reality under the watchful eyes of our specialists!

For Whom?

  • For IoT startups on different stages of business and product development.
  • For those who would like to learn more, verify their ideas on their projects, share thoughts and experience, and to meet people who have common interests.
  • For scientific circles and students of technical studies who would like to verify their knowledge and ideas or to show their projects to wider audience on fairs.
  • For IoT companies looking for new business opportunities and contacts.
  • For hardware geeks and everyone who just wants to learn more about the Internet of Things and connectivity.

Clear your calendars, save the date and join IoT Fest in Bucharest. IoT creators and hub:raum Kraków invite all IoT enthusiasts, startups, companies and students to celebrate this important day together!


See what happened at the previous IoT Fest in Kraków:

See you soon!

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