Psst, Do You Know About […] ?

We have created this device for a large diary industry Romanian customer this summer (we have installed around 60 devices in  Real, Cora and Carrefour, in all major cities in Romania). We had a lot of fun watching people passing near the shelf and hearing a whisper „hey, did you hear about the new  offer ?”. Most of the people just stopped and tried to identify who’s talking. It took couple of seconds to discover that’s a mechanical device speaking. Just enough to learn about the new offer.
We built the device around an array of proximity sensors which triggers the play of a MP3 file, based on the position of the guy in front of the shelf.Additionally, the device is able to provide detailed reports on the way the people is interacting with the product. For example, you can find out how many people pass in front of the shelf or how much time somebody spends just looking at the products.

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