The Yahoo Farm

We have created this Internet powered diorama during the 48 hours Yahoo OpenHack event held in Bucharest, 2011. It was great fun, as we did everything from scratch (we have started with a car full of wood, power tools, paint and electronics, and ended up 48 hours later with the thing you can see below). Basically, the Yahoo Farm is a 60 cm wide diorama, sitting in your bedroom and bringing you online data from the Yahoo ecosystem.

The wind mill rotation is directly controlled by the wind speed outside (being connected to the Yahoo Weather API), the hand-painted backgrounds are switched according to the weather state, a new sheep is coming out of the barn each time one of your friends gets online on Yahoo Messenger, and each new email lights up a fruit in the Email Tree.

For this project we have been awarded the Hackers’ Choice Award and has been featured on the blog .



Some photos during the making-of :

Making sure Andrei is doing his job


Our fantastic creative artist, Alex



Everything starts with some grass


Some mechanics stuff going on


The Email Tree is born


The sheep are out, a friend has joined Yahoo Messenger !



Up & Running


Below is the 1 minute pitch we had for this project.

Need to create something similar, have a tip to make it better, or just want to say hi ?

Need an answer from us ? Please tell us below how can we reach you (email / phone)

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